Wood has long been used for a number of different purposes by craftsmen and artisans. Woodworking involves the carving of wood into sculptures or various artistic works. It is a craft that is performed across the globe among a number of different cultures. Any process that involves making, building or carving something out of wood falls under the category of

Bill arranges consultations with clients in his Otego, NY shop and discusses in depth with each customer their particular project. Sample peices and various furniture catalogs are often referenced for ideas, many times combining elements of different pieces to create one unique piece.

customized woodworking

 Bill's style is simple furniture with clean lines. He crafts dining room tables, writing desks, bookcases, mirrors, and many other one of a kind items. Bill loves to work with traditional wood species like Cherry, Maple, and Oak, but also enjoys integrating interesting woods such as curly Maple, quarter sawn Red and White Oak, and other wood specimens with original features. Bill always strives to have samples of these different species in his shop so his clients can experience for themselves the characteristics of each wood.

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