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Facts About Woodworking

Wood has long been used for a number of different purposes by craftsmen and artisans. Woodworking involves the carving of wood into sculptures or various artistic works. It is a craft that is performed across the globe among a number of different cultures. Any process that involves making, building or carving something out of wood falls under the category of

Ancient Woodworkers
Two of the major ancient cultures that practiced the craft were the Egyptian and the Chinese. These cultures performed woodworking regularly and developed techniques to advance the craft for future generations.

Types of Wood
Traditionally, people performed woodworking tasks using the wood available in their region until trade (#) became easier. There are three different types of wood: hardwood, softwood and man-made wood such as plywood.
Woodworking was an important process that led to many advancements in civilizations. Mane of the more practical things built with woodworking were tables, chairs and carts.
Woodworking greatly advances the culture of a civilization as well. Many artists (#) focus primarily on wood, and famous pieces of significant art are composed from wood. One example of a cultural woodworking tradition are totem poles.
During ancient times, woodworking tools were made of stone. They progressed into bronze tools and are today made of metal alloys for strength and durability.